Supaslate Lightweight Roofing Slates are perfect for Tiled Conservatory Roofs . . .

Supaslate slate tiles are lightweight, versatile, attractive, easy to cut and install and will not shatter, crack, curl or fade. This makes them perfect for installation on conservatory roofs.

Supaslate is manufactured in Great Britain using recycled materials and is a perfect alternative to natural slates. Made in the United Kingdom, the slates are carefully engineered to provide the authentic look and durability of natural slate roofs. If you’re looking for the incredible aesthetics of natural slate roofing and want to avoid costly substructure modifications required to handle the extreme weight of slate tiles, Supaslate’s revolutionary composite slate tile is for you.

Supaslate is fast becoming the industry standard in the United Kingdom, because of their striking appearance, remarkable strength plus the environmental credentials.

Supaslate tiles offer the natural beauty of slate while providing enhanced strength and durability.  The slate tiles provide enhanced resistance to harsh weather conditions, including wind, driving rain, snow and hail. Manufactured from recycled materials, Supaslate tiles offer an environmentally friendly and extremely lightweight alternative to traditional slate roofing materials.

Synthetic slates are a modern improvement on a construction classic. Made from combinations of recycled plastic, synthetic slate is designed to mirror the beauty and uniqueness of authentic slate without the weight, expense or installation headaches. . . . . And synthetic slate shingles last longer.

Supaslate’s eco-friendly composite slate tile is the ideal replication of slate roofing. The composite roofing slate is an extremely attractive, durable, and the environmentally friendly alternative to concrete roof tile or slate roofing systems.